Third Partners Meeting in Dublin, Ireland

The third  project partners meeting  took place in Dublin, Ireland on 1-2nd December, 2011. The partners from Lithuania, UK, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, and Spain attended the meeting.

On the first day  the partners were presented with the training programs both for representatives from migrant communities and final beneficiaries, which had been developed by Smashing Times group from Ireland.Then the partners split into two groups for further discussions and later the discussions were summed up.

Later the presentation and discussions on trainings and CD with the training materials and methodologies for representatives of migrant communities took place.

The first meeting day ended with an improvized training based on the developed lesson plan covering  social welfare topic.

On the second day discussions  on the final version and the content of the project final product – Migrant Integration Kit ( CD with Useful Kit) took place.Partners agreed on the content of the CD and the deadlines for preparing materials for the Kit were set.

Then partners proceeded to discussing dissemination, exploitation and financial issues.

It was a very productive meeting and everybody was satisfied with the work done.

The final project meeting and the dissemination conference will take place in Vilnius, LT on the 14-15th June, 2012.

The Agenda for the Meeting

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