1. Needs analysis on migrant financial liguistic needs

Soros International House (LT), as a coordinating institution, has compiled questionnaires on the analysis of financial liguistic needs of migrants from the new EU member countries, and migrants from the third countries. Following this, the partners carried out analysis of the data amassed from the questionnaires and summarized it. That analysis then was presented at the partners kick-off meeting in Rotterdam (NL) in 13-14 January, 2011 (partners from Turkey and Belarus presented the situation of the emigrants from both countries).

Translations of the Questionnaire Form on the analysis of financial liguistic needs of migrants:

2. Need analysis survey

Need analysis summaries by partner countries:

Soros International House (LT) summarized the mentioned need analysis data which was presented by the project partners and then made a survey.

3. Comparison on migrants financial linguistic needs in New and Old EU member countries EN

4. Summary on feedbacks from trainings EN

5. Summary on good practice examples of each partner country EN

6. Final summary on research conducted in partner countries EN