Project presentation at Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations, Lithuania

September 9th Soros International House ran one more seminar in the framework of the Nordplus Adult project „Nordic Network for Empowerment of Immigrant Women without Prior Education Experience“ at Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations.  The seminar was attended by a chief of Migration department Kaunas division of Aliens‘ affairs, a chairwoman of the Association of Adult education in Kaunas, consultant from Kaunas Women’s‘ Employment centre, director from Europe Direct information centre in Kaunas, representative from Kaunas Women‘s House, EURES consultant from Labour Exchange Office, representatives from Lithuanian association of Adult Education, Social Innovation Fund, Disabled people‘s centre.

The aim of the seminar was to present:

  • the final comparative report prepared by the Nordplus Adult project, share opinions on the situation of immigrant women and women on the whole in the labour market and education sector
  • LLP Grundtvig project INTEGRA, which is coordinated by SIH and to discuss issues on how to improve integration of migrants into local society.

There was a representative from Kaunas division of Aliens‘ affairs. She reviewed the situation with migrants in Lithuania and an interesting discussion took place.

There was an international project products exhibition  organized and later the products were presented and spread among the participants.


The seminar was attended by External Project INTEGRA Evaluator Airina Volingeviciene.


Project INTEGRA PP presentation



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