Project exploitation workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania

On January 19 SIH organized the workshop “INTEGRA: migrants integration into their new society – first steps” in the framework of LLP Grundtvig Multilateral Project “Migrant's integrating kit - basic language for dealing with financial matters - INTEGRA“. The workshop gathered representatives from governmental institutions, NGOs, migrant communities, other organisations dealing with migration issues, and language teachers.

During the seminar SIH director and the project coordinator Daiva Malinauskiene gave the presentation on the ideas and progress of the project aimed to foster the integration of migrants into local society by providing them with opportunities to gain language skills on basic financial matters. 

SIH projects’ coordinator and EL teacher Violeta Mirinaviciute presented the unique teaching methodology based on drama elements that will be used during the training of trainers from migrant communities who will be able to continue delivering the skills to final beneficiaries schedulled in March 2012.

The report of a guest speaker Karolis Zibas (Institute for Ethnic Studies) “Migrants' integration processes in Lithuania: Trends and Prospects“ raised participants‘ interest.

SIH International project products exhibition took place during the workshop and later the products were spread among the participants.


Workshop materials (in Lithuanian):


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