Project Exploitation workshop in Valencia, Spain

IFES in close cooperation with UGT-PV Immigrants service organised project Exploitation Workshop for migrant organisations representatives on 5 March 2012 at  IFES offices, in Valencia. Through UGT, migrant organisations were contacted and invited to participate.

The workshop gathered representatives from UGT-PV Inmigració, other Immigration Associations.

The aim of the workshop was to present the project, its activities and aims, and to ensure visibility and promotion of the project results and products,  to provide information about the pilot training programme and the impact and benefits of the project to potential participants in the pilot trainings.

The Agenda for the workshop:

  • Welcome and opening by Fernando Benavente (Director IFES-CV)
  • Participants self-presentation
  • Presentation of INTEGRA project and activities:
    • General overview of the context (Grundtvig), framework (immigration), partnership, etc.
    • Planned development of the project. Focus on next steps: the pilot trainings
    • Expected results and products. Presentation of finished products (needs analysis, good practices) and developing training materials and methodologies. Focus on benefits for potential beneficiaries
    • Pilot trainings. Focus on innovative methodology
  • Moderated discussion to collect feedback from participants
  • Conclusions. Summing-up and clarification of next activities

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