INTEGRA trainings for representatives in Lithuania

On March 23 SIH started to implement a set of three trainings for representatives of migrant communities. During the first training session the Romanian, Belarusian, German, Ukrainian, and Turkish communities were represented. Other two sessions will be organised on March 29 and April 6.

SIH director and the project coordinator Daiva Malinauskiene opened the session with the detailed presentation on the project, and introduced participants into the trainings.

The training continued with the ice-breaking activities demonstrated by SIH English and French teacher Ausra Nakas followed by active involvement of participants.

SIH project coordinator Gileta Kieriene closed the session with the practical demonstration of project web portal and explanation on how it will be adopted to the needs of the target groups so that after the end date of the project’s activities it could serve as a tool to be used as a database of useful information on financial issues with links to advisory or other support organizations, learning materials, and other useful information.



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