INTEGRA trainings for final beneficiaries in Lithuania

By the end of April  two training workshops have already been conducted for the final beneficiaries at SIH premises. They were run by the Turkish, Ukrainian and Romanian community representatives, who were trained themselves how to run trainings in their communities using innovative - based on drama methodology and developed learning materials.

During the 1st training the project and its website were presented to the participants. Then the words and phrases on the topic “Applying for a Job” were introduced using drama games and exercises. All the participants were provided with handouts, which made it easier to practice the new words in the simulations of real life situations.

During the 2nd training the topic “Paying for the Utilities” was introduced. The participants simulated various real life situations such as renting a flat and discussing the payment for the utilities with the owner and others.

The training workshops were conducted under supervision of Violeta Mirinaviciute, SIH project coordinator.



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