INTEGRA presentation during the international conference in Vilnius

The 6th international conference„Languages, Culture and Globalisation“ was held in Vilnius 4-5 June 2012  by  The Lithuanian Association of Language Teachers, Mykolas Romeris University and supported by the British Council Lithuania and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Language Commission and Soros International House. 

The aim of the conference was to present a multicultural project Language Rich Europeand to rally around language teachers working in different educational institutions in Lithuania and abroad, professionals, stakeholders and language policy makers to discuss important issues in language learning, teaching and research to exchange ideas and view points.

On the first day the morning session was held  in Seimas-The Parlament of the Republic of Lithuania and on the second day the conference was moved to Mykolas Riomeris university in Vilnius.

The conference participants discussed topics on  Impact of Globalisation on Languages and  Culture,  Language Policy in Lithuania and Abroad. Languages and Intercultural Communication,  ICT and Language Teaching/Learning and others.

Soros International House presented two projects:

INTEGRA project as a good practice example on how integration could be fostered by equipping migrants with the necesasry language skills, and Nordplus STILL ACTIVE - A Communication Tool for Fighting Social Isolation on how to  stimulate and encourage seniors to continue being active by providing them with the communication tool - English Language.


Conference materials

ITEGRA presentation made by Daiva Malinauskiene

More information on the conference at the Lithuanian Association of Language Teachers website


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