INTEGRA trainings for final beneficiaries in Lodz, Poland

On 19-20th May and 2-3rd June 2012 two training sessions for final beneficiaries took place in Lodz, Poland. Both sessions were organized in premises of the Academy of Humanities and Economics, the partner of INTEGRA project.

The first training session was organized for the community of Russian language speakers since they represent the largest immigrant group in Lodz. Despite AHE and trainers’ efforts the meeting was attended only by two end beneficiaries. Therefore it was decieded to organize second training session for another immigrant groups, and represenatives of Turkish community joined the project trainings. It was a big surprise for Polish organizers and thus it was decided to include them into training sessions. Due to the fact there was no Turkish community representative, the training was given in English by one of selected trainers.

During both trainings the project products (website, draft version of CD, handouts with scenerios and dictionaries) were presented. Firstly end beneficiaries practiced drama games before performing five different scenarios, namely:

  • Claiming  Social Benefit,
  • Opening a Bank  Account,
  • Negotiating Payments for Accommodation,
  • Reporting a Stolen Bank Card by Telephone,
  • Borrowing Money and Getting Credit.

Drama activities and provided handouts helped them to learn new words and phrases in the simulaion of real financial situations.

Participants were satisfied with gained knowledge. They agreed using drama in learing languages gives specatacular results.


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