INTEGRA trainings for representatives in Minsk, Belarus

18 April 2012 the training for IH Minsk teachers was held in Minsk. Taking into account that in Belarus there are no migrant communities, it was decided to select among IH Minsk teachers the potential trainers - those who are planning to emigrate to EU countries. The aim of the training was to present the project, its activities and to teach potential migrant community representatives to train final beneficiaries in their new home countries.  

Agenda for the training:

  • Presentation of the INTEGRA project: aims, partnership, activities, target groups, ideas and planned products.
  • Presentation and discussion of migration processes in Belarus and EU countries.
  • Discussions on needs and knowledge of financial information and terminology for migrants.
  • Discussion of tasks and responsibilities of the representatives.
  • Training session: presentation, demonstration and discussion of innovative trainings methodology and learning materials for training based on drama elements.
  • Summing up and feedback from the participants.



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