Exploitation workshops on INTEGRA final products and results, Iasi, Romania

24, 26, 28 September EuroEd Foundation organised exploitation workshops in the UMF University. During the workshops the final products and results of INTEGRA project were presented to Romanian students – as potential promoters of the project resources, and migrant students – as potential users of the project resources; representatives of adult education institutions involved in various projects and having various contacts; language teachers; front desk people; human resources; financial field; students; and representative of Russian Lipovans Community in Iasi.

Agenda for the events:

  • Discussions about the diversity of students (home countries) in the University and needs of the foreign students
  • Presentation of the project (aims, objectives, partnership)
  • Activities developed
  • Presentation of the trainings and learning materials developed
  • Discussions about the Romanian teachers and students role in the integration in the new home country
  • Presentation of the project impact and benefits to the end beneficiaries
  • Presentation of the materials – types, languages, content, availability
  • Presentation of the project platform

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