International Prize 2013 for the project Integra

On 13th September 2013 during the opening ceremony of the Festival ‘Learn for Life’ in Nijmegen, The Netherlands Pressure Line was awarded with the International Prize 2013 for the project Integra -Migrants' Integrating Kit - Basic Language for Dealing with Financial Matters.

The Dutch Platform Learn for Life (www.platformlearnforlife) awards every year with the International prize an organization that puts its efforts and expertise in working on projects in the field of adult education with international dimension.

The project Integra is chosen by the jury for the practical application of the Migration Kit, a product based on the experiences and vision of the collaborative European partners. The jury especially appreciates the dissemination strategy whereby the Kit is put on the market.

The prize was awarded by Wim van de Camp, a member of the European Parliament.

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